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Kentiel D. White is a Michigan native, Detroit Public Schools (1997), Wayne County Community District (2002), and University of Phoenix graduate (2007, 2011, 2013). Mr. White has been married to his wife Nicole for eight years and have one son. His passion in education led him to law enforcement as a Community Service Officer for the Detroit Police Department. The Junior Police Cadet Unit taught him about respectability, responsibility, and integrity while serving my community.  He has received numerous awards commemorating his participation as a Community Service Officer.

Mr. White currently works for a medical transportation company serving the Detroit and Ann Arbor Veterans and Rapid Response EMS. He continues to serve the public through volunteering for the Detroit Police Department. His passion to help communities thrive through special opportunities have gained him life achievements in Education and experiences bestowed upon him from many professors.  Mr. White possesses a strong belief that education is not only important but imperative for every person to achieve their highest potential. He is committed to improving the State of Michigan by giving back to the communities and people who have molded him to ANSWER THE CALL TO ACTION ON A ROAD TO REBIRTH!

Mr. White's goal to complete his education has allowed him to return and set a higher standard for Michigan’s government. He has developed a 5-point platform to strengthen neighborhoods, create and implement a turnaround educational plan that will not only prepare our students for college but for the 21st century lives that they will affect. Job growth takes investment, education, and new ways of establishing economic growth. Mr. White wants to speak with the auto insurance companies. He wants fair rates and coverage for every Michigan driver. Finally, true equality. Michigan is an all inclusive state. For this reason, his campaign is in favor of sanctuary cities for legal immigrants, and to end discrimination and harassment for the LBGTQ community. 

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